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  Nowadays, the global world becomes obvious, each nation connects with others. It is difficult to survive alone. In order to survive in the competitive market, the companies need to set up different market strategies to get more profits. A good marketing strategy should be drawn from research of market and focus on the right product in order to achieve the maximum profit and sustain the business. The marketing strategy is the foundation of a marketing plan. If we want to get more profits, we need to make good decision on each strategy. Cosmetics industry can be separated into four distinct categories: sales, marketing, product development, and management. I want to focus on product development and sales promotion. 


  According to Thomsom. B (2004), Creating a Strategic Product Plan. He explains that product strategy is the ultimate vision of the product, as it states where the product will end up. By setting a product strategy, we can determine the direction of product efforts. Similar to making effective use of a map, we first need a destination, and then we can plan the route. I think that product development is the forms of basic executing of product road map and subsequent product releases. The product strategy enables the company to focus on a certain target market and get profits from potential customers. And the promotional method of Avon is innovation. There are three questions about the strategies: Who are you selling to? Define your target customer or market. Identify whom you are selling to, and what that market looks like. And we should first start what we would like to solve. This includes interviewing the target market, understanding the competitive landscape and identifying how we will differentiate ourselves. The product strategy will change over time as we learn more about the market.


  There exists diversity of cosmetics companies in the market nowadays and most cosmetics companies engage to produce the innovative products and hold many types of promotions to attract more potential customers. In the market, the companies need to determine the direction of their sales tactics in order to compete with others companies. Products development and sales promotion always combine together. Every product has its different type of promotion. Products development strategy refers that the company takes actions of a specific product to achieve a prominent. This procedure starts even before the product is manufactured and continues even after it hits the shelves. The main target of product strategy is to make the most out of the given budget to earn the trust of consumers and maximize sales (By Tasos Vossos) And sales promotion is to improve a company's sales by predicting and modifying your target purchasing behavior of customers and patterns. Sales promotion is very important as it not only helps to boost sales but it also helps a business to draw new customers while at the same time retaining older ones. AVON produces more and more products not only for cosmetics that can help it to develop in all domains. Product development such as chemists and cosmetic product specialists are centered on the creation of product formulations and the manufacturing of hair products, fragrance, skincare and makeup. Then I want to know what types of products can be potential and how to promote products appropriately. 


  Based on Thomsom. B (2004), Creating a Strategic Product Plan, we can know when we begin to publish the new products or promotions, we need to make clear direction and make decision carefully. First, I will interview with the employees of AVON to know more detailed about the operation of product development and motivation of product producing. Second, I will invite 50 people including women and men who have used AVON's products to answer that whether they like AVON's products and how they feel about AVON. Then I will analyze their answer to know whether the product development and sales promotion strategies success or not and the reason why AVON can survive in the competitive market. 


  The paper is organized as follows. The next section describes the background of marketing in Taiwan. In the third section, I will conduct a literature review of product development and sales promotions. Next, I will analyze the results of the interview. At the end, the conclusion provides the result of the research.




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