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Methodology Bobo

Page history last edited by Bobo You 11 years, 5 months ago

Topic : The Product Development and Sales Promotion Strategies  of  AVON in Taiwan





  This research paper studies the product development and sales promotion strategies of AVON in Taiwan. The successful strategies help the company to earn more profits and attract potential customers. From the theory of Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), which is an important construct franchise as a key concept in marketing to predict and select the final decision and potential customers.

  AVON produces new products which adapt to the local and set up the reasonable price. That customer can spend less money to buy the high quality products. Through its sales approaches, customers can buy products through many methods. And these will be the feature to push customers to consume and be loyalty to the brand. Then this research paper studies that if AVON makes successful strategies on product development and sales promotion or not.



For the study, I examine these by interviewing the employees of AVON. To know what marketing strategies do AVON execute now and ask some questions to help me to analyze why AVON can survive in the competitive market.



I will invite 5 to 10 people who work in AVON and use products of AVON to answer some questions and aggregate their opinion to analyze the reason the successful strategies of product development and sales promotion, because who both fit the qualification are more credible and reliable.



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