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In-class task 4-12

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1.What statistical measurements were used to present the results or findings of the study?


The NHIS data were analyzed using SUDAAN 8.0 (Research Triangle Institute, Research Triangle Park, NC) to produce population estimates and to conduct regression analyses while correcting for the complex survey design.



2. Show examples of how the summary of results were presented. Did the author use tables, figures, etc.?



Table 1. Summary Statistics for Study Cohort (Weighted) 

Table 2. Results of Weighted Logistic Regression Analysis With Dependent Variable: Did Not Work in Last 12 Months



3.How many relevant questions (from the survey or interview questions) were answered in the Results section? Provide an example where the author made a particular observation in relation to the question.


Given the similarity between the non-IBD group and the general population, we were confident that the non-IBD group adequately represented the general population.



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